Accessible Wordle

If you're using Chrome on the desktop (Mac, PC, Linux), install this Chrome extension to make Wordle accessible to your screen reader:

Make Wordle Accessible Chrome Extension

Last updated: June 26, 2022, because the New York Times totally rewrote Wordle and the bookmarklet and extension needed to be changed.

Once you install the extension, you're done. Reload the page if you already have Wordle open, but otherwise from now on every time you open Wordle it will be automatically accessible, you won't have to do anything.

If you want to use Wordle on Android or iOS or on another browser, keep reading - but none of the rest of the instructions on this page are necessary if you use the extension.

This is a little bookmarklet to make Wordle accessible to screen reader users. It's not a replacement for the game, rather you can use it to modify Wordle in-place to make it accessible - that way you can play the same game as everyone else.

Works on both desktop and mobile browsers and screen readers.

It's a few steps to set up the first time but then it's very easy to use any time you want to play Wordle. This is the only way to modify a website in-place, especially on a mobile browser.

Note: if you installed the bookmarklet prior to June 26, 2022 then you'll need to delete the old one and install it again, because unfortunately the NY Times rewrote Wordle and the bookmarklet needed to change. If you use the Chrome extension, you don't need to do anything, it updates automatically once a day or so.

If you're on Android or on a desktop browser, below is a link called Make Wordle Accessible. Instead of clicking the link, right-click it and choose Copy Link Address, then keep reading for the next step.

Make Wordle Accessible

If you're on your phone, especially iOS Safari, do this instead: navigate to the following text field and select all of the code, then press Copy.

OK, if you followed either of the above instructions and copied something, the next step is to make it into a bookmark. Open your browser's bookmark manager and click on the option to create a new bookmark.

Name the new bookmark Make Wordle Accessible or something like that. In the URL or link address field, paste what you just copied. It's super long and should start with the word javascript. If it doesn't, something went wrong.

On iOS Safari, the easiest solution might be to tap the Share icon to bookmark the current page, then open the Bookmark Manager and edit the bookmark to paste the bookmarklet code in as the address, instead of this page.

Now all you need to do is visit Wordle and then after the page loads, open this bookmark you just saved, and the page will become accessible instantly. If you keep the tab open it should keep working for as long as you want, but if you reopen or reload the page you'll have to also open the bookmark again.

Written by Dominic Mazzoni, and released under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license. Source code on GitHub.